When I was young, I was scheduled to start memorizing Qur'an at Ar-Rashid Islamic Institute in Cornwall, Canada after Ramadan. Well, the last ten nights of Ramadan were coming up and I thought to myself, 'If I make the same dua every night for the last ten nights of Ramadan then my dua would have to have coincided with Laylat ul-Qadr.' So the dua I made was, 'Oh Allah, help me to memorize your book in 2 years or less.'

Allah ta'ala says in the Qur'an: [And as for the blessing of your Lord, then tell others.] Alhamdulillah, exactly 2 years later I had finished the entire Qur'an.

If Allah ta'ala said to you, 'ask for anything and I shall give it to you', what would you ask for? This year, I hope to encourage myself and you to make a list - right now - which categorizes at least five things we want in these coming nights to ask Allah for. Do it now before you forget.

The last ten nights begin in some places Tuesday night, so let's pull our sleeves up now and try our best to make our 'customized' dua every night from now till the end of Ramadan. Very soon, this Ramadan will be gone. Let's take advantage of it now.

The Task: Make a list of at least 5 things that you want from Allah. Then starting Tuesday night, make the same dua every night till the end of Ramadan. Your dua would have coincided with Laylat ul-Qadr.

And May Allah ta'ala accept from all of us. Ameen