Colgate Toothpaste: Have now registered their dental creams (toothpastes)with SANHA and we can now confirm that all their toothpastes are HALAL compliant. Only palm kernel oil glycerine is used. The following products were found to contain HARAM ingredients:

1) Macleans toothpastes: Freshmint, Baking Soda, Spearmint
2) Aqua Fresh toothpastes: Whitening, Bambino, Strawberry
3) OralB Ultrafloss and Unwaxed Floss
4) OralB Minute-Gel and Disclosing Tablets


1) SpasmoCanulase - contain pancreatine from pig and/or cows
2) Pankreoflat contains preservative of animal origin
3) Sanatogen Multivitamin contains Shellac - an insect-based rasin
4) Sanatogen Vitamin B Complex contain glycerine, stearic acid and palmatates from animal tallow
5) Karemore B12 Spray contain animal liver extract
6) Timjan Wonder Juice (aloe extract) contains 16.5% port wine
7) Salusa 45 contains extract of PIG LIVER
8) Vita Thion contains extract of BEEF BLOOD

(C) LEATHER PRODUCTS (shoes, health sandals, etc):

All animal hides (skins) are rendered Taahir (Paak pure and clean) by virtue of the tanning process it undergoes. Pigskin, however remains impure even after undergoing the tanning process.

The following were found to contain pigskin:

1) Hushpuppies certain ranges are manufactured with pigskin uppers lining
2) Green Cross Health Shoes some ranges use pigskin lining/foot bed linings
3) Attache Cases etc. at times, the inner lining of genuine leather attache cases is at times also from pigskin

How to identify pigskin:
Take a close look at the item and if it reveals a porous surface like the pores of one's skin, then it is most likely pigskin.

1) All/Most AMWAY PRODUCTS containing PIG hydrolyzed collagen/beef tallowate / elastin:
2) Nutriedge Antioxidant Supplement Pack
3) Nutrilite Beta Carotene
4) Nutrilite Natural Source Beta Carotene
5) Nutrilite Wheat Germ E
6) Nutrilite CoEnzyme Q10 Complex
7) Nutrilite Chromium Picolinate
8) Nutrilite Antioxidant Complex with Pycnogenol
9) Nutrilite Leading Edge Pack 1
10) Nutrilite Herbals saw Palmetto and Nettle Root
11) Nutrilite Primrose Plus
12) Nutrilite Herbals Bilberry with Lutein
13) Nutrilite Salmon Omega 3
14) Nutrilite Herbals Womena?(tm)s GLA Blend
15) Hour Guard Insect Repellent
16) Nutrilite Herbals Ginkgo Biloba and DHA
17) Satinique Styling Mousse
18) Nature Shower Hand and Body Lotion
19) Grooming Gear After Shave Treatment Lotion
20) Grooming Gear Hymm / Eparray After Shave Moisture Lotion
21) Satinique NonAerosol Styling Spray
22) Satinique Styling Spray with Protein
23) Nutrilite Natural MultiCarotene
24) All/Most REVLON PRODUCTS (containing Proteins of animal origin)
25) Absolutes AntiAgeing Firming Cream
26) Charlie Nail Ename
27) Dry Skin Relief AntiAgeing Body Lotion
28) Double Thick Mascara
29) Dry Skin Relief Original Cream
30) Dry Skin Relief Hydro Lotion
31) Dry Skin Relief Intensive Lotion
32) Dry Skin Relief Hand Cream
33) Dry Skin Relief Unscented Cream
34) Innerlash Mascara
35) Flex & Go 21 Shampoo / Conditioner
36) Flex Net Regular and Firm
37) Moondrops Hand Cream Tube
38) Revlon Hand Cream
39) Special Feeling Super Soft Activator
40) Streetwear Hair Highlight
41) Wash & Go Shampoo


1) Royal Chiffon Fridge Cake contains PIG GELATINE
2) Kellogg's Miniwheats Refer to carton inside panel Kellogg cereal, rice krispies, which reads 'imported by' = Canada cereal bars contains pork gelatin
3) Kellogg's Rice Krispies Refer to carton inside panel Kellogg squares cereal bars which reads 'Made for' = Canada contains beef gelatin
4) Kellogg's Frosted Pop Refer to carton inside panel Kellogg Tarts which reads 'Imported by' or Canada 'Made for' Canada contains pork or beef gelatin
5) Pringles Potato Chips Made from USA and contain 471 has pork substance or pork fats (MUIS)
6) Starbucks/Coffee Bean (espresso Frapucchino) Chocolate substance contains ALCOHOL (MUIS)

These emulsifiers are HARAM:
120, 141, 160(A), 161, 252, 300, 301, 422, 430, 431, 433, 435, 436, 441, 470, 471, 472(A,E), 473, 474, 475, 476, 477, 481, 482, 483, 491, 492, 494, 542, 570, 572, 631, 635, 920

RENNET in the cheese is of animal origin is HARAM too unless otherwise stated.

For those who are unaware. I got this info from a friend, please let it be known to our "uninformed" muslim friends. This is what it reads. I bought this particular book title Islamic Parenting. One of the topics tells about eating habits. As I was reading, I came across this particular ingredient which is contained in most Chocolates & Ice creams: they are have Emulsifier 471. These are pork fats and they name it such a way. After reading it, I called MUIS & checked with them. They told me that it is actually pork fats. I checked most Chocolate Brands & Ice creams and that most of them we cannot eat. I'm telling you this cause after reading & enquiring I feel that as Muslims we should not make the same mistake. Before eating any chocolates or ice creams, please check the ingredients first. You can still eat those ice creams which has HALAL approved label on them e.g. Walls, Kings