This is NOT a chain mail... this is NOT a joke. It really happend to a friend of mine.

My friend, A was invited to attend her colleague's wedding at Tanjung Sepat last Sunday. On that day, she fetched a female friend, B at Jalan Meru and her next stop was to Sungai Rasa, to pick up another friend, C before heading towards Tanjung Sepat. On the way there, she stopped at a traffic light, near Jusco. it was around 5:45 am and the day is still dark.

Suddenly, she felt there was a little movement of her car by an external force. She looked behind and saw a Kancil with 3 indian guys.
She ignored the knock as it was a mild collision. She drove her car when the lights turn green and out of sudden, that Kancil overtook her and blocked her lane.

My friend had to stop to avoid collision with that Kancil. Then, came out two indian guys with long Parang on their hands. Without
asking any questions they swung their parang towards her car wildly. After slashes printed on her car, she quickly reverse to flee that area. However, that Kancil's driver noticed her intention and without hesitation, he quickly reverse a little and move back straight knocking my friend's car head to head.

After the collision my friend was very shock. However, with her female instinct she quickly turn back and speed towards her friend's
house. When she reached there nobody was outside. Unexpectedly those indians found them and once again, the same scenario repeated itself. She quickly left C's front house to nowhere while the indians chasing her from behind. The indians bang my friend's car with their Kancil while B is calling for help from C.

Finally C ask them to come back to her house. She didn't open her front door as she scared the indians might attacked them too. So,
her brother climb up the fence which is quite tall waiting for my friend to arrive. When my friend arrived the indians were still chasing them. C's brother shouted to fright the indians but to no avail. The indians kept swung their parangs till 4 of the side mirrors were broken into pieces. Luckily C's mum hitting her steel fence with a large baton, making a loud noice in return. That noice scared the indians out of the place.

Instead of going to the wedding, my friend had to report to the police. When the daylight finally appeared, she founds lots of carves
on her car, 4 side mirrors tiada lagi, the front and rear mirror nearly give up its defense. Fortunately my friends are OK... still shock of the incident.

I believe you read lots of this kind of stuff in the newspaper and yet you think it will not happen to your circle of friends, which
includes me. But this incident had proved me wrong. It might happened to each and everyone of us. So, be cautious especially at nite when the are so few people on the road or at the parking space.

Anyway, Happy NEW YEAR.. enjoy your holiday but keep this in mind as a precaution. Bye!