Hey, try it out and see how attractive you can be to the opposite sex.

1. Which place do u want to have a travel most?
A. Beijing ... go to q.2
B. Tokyo ... go to q.3
C. Paris ... go to q.4

2. Have you ever cried when u see a touching movie?
A. Yes ... go to q.4
B. No ... go to q.3

3. If your boyfriend or girlfriend still has not come after an hour of your date with him/her, what will you do?
A. wait for another 30 mins ... go to q.4
B. leave immediately ... go to q.5
C. wait until he/she comes ... go to q.6

4. Do u like to go to see a movie alone?
A. Yes ... go to q.5
B. No ... go to q.6

5. When he/she asks for a kiss in your first date, what will you do?
A. Refuse ... go to q.6
B. light kiss on his/her forehand ... go to q.7
C. Agree and kiss him/her ... go to q.8

6. Are you a humorous person?
A. I think I am ... go to q.7
B. I think I am not.........................go to q.8

7. Do you think you are a capable leader?
A. Yes ... go to q.9
B. No ... go to q.10

8. Which gender will you choose to be born if you are given a chance?
A. Male ... go to q.9
B. Female ... go to q.10
C. I don't mind ... Type D (go straight to results below)

9. Have you ever got more than one boyfriends or girlfriends at a time
A.Yes ... Type B (go straight to results below)
B. No ... Type A (go straight to results below)

10. Do you think you are intelligent?
A. Yes ... Type B (go straight to results below)
B. No ... Type C (go straight to results below)


Type A : Congratulations! You can extremely attract the opposite sex!
You possess a charming beauty in the eyes of them. You not only have a pretty figure, but also have a humorous and gentle personality. You should be a literate person and know how to get along with people and can allocate your time well, thus you are always popular among the opposite sex.

Type B : Quite good! You can easily attract the opposite sex, but you will not easily into the loving trap. Your humor makes them want to get along with you. He/She will be happy being with you!

Type C : Not bad! You cannot attract the opposite sex very well, but you still have something good which make them like to get along with you.
You should be an honest person and have a unique view in seeing things. You are quite friendly in the eyes of your friends.

Type D : Oh! You do not attract the opposite sex. You do not have much knowledge, and not much intrinsic humane values. You are too rude to the opposite sex. Thus you are not very popular among them.