This is an award winning photograph. Though the writeup is in Mandarin, the picture tells you more than words. So, it doesn't matter if you do not read Mandarin. I have tried to summarise a bit about the story.

I am an eight years old girl, live in Uganda, Africa. I am a happy beautiful girl. My dad is a teacher and we live happily in the village.But one day, my dad came home telling us our Mr President was assassinated and the country will be in a chaos. Days after that, the troop came and wiped off all men in the village. I never knew my mom's strength until this moment, she buried my dad's body and we moved on. Mom kept telling me to run as fast as possible in case of riot attack. Few days after dad's death, our group was attacked by the rebel again, this nobody was spared except me and a teen boy. I cried besides mom's body but the big said we must move on. So we moved on depanding food we begged from people. Death bodies were everywhere. I was lucky to survived for the big brother was taking care of me well.
One day, we were very thirsty and my big brother drank the water from the river nearby. Death bodies were everywhere even in the river. Soon after that, the big brother felt sick and slowly losing energy and dying. After my big brother died, I moved on myself, as i was walking across he empty field, a hawk flew low following me. At first I tried to chased him away, but as I get weaker, the hawk wasn't afraid of me anymore, he was actually trailing me on land. I moved, he moved. Trailing my every step waiting for me to collapse. Suddenly I saw a jeep coming toward my direction, I saw hope, at least I imagine one. I was too tired to even waved for help but the jeep managed to see me. They drove near me and one of them picked a sophisticated camera and took a picture of me the hawk behind. Then, They drove off. My hope suddenly vanished and now I only prayed that when the hawk tear me apart, I will be too weak to feel any pain at all.

The picture was an award winning photo. The photograher said he chased away the hawk before they drove away. The world was shocked by the humanity level shown by this photograhers and the society in general. The girl was never found again. The photographers commited suicide 2 months after receiving the award.

What does the story and the photo tell u. Try to go beyond the surface and we may live a better world.

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