A - Always there for you

B - Brighten the days

C - Caring and considerate

D - Delightful to know

E - Encouraging hearts

F - Forever friends

G - Generosity

H - Honest and trustworthy

I - Intergrity

J - Joking around

K - Kindhearted

L - Life, love and laughter

M - Miles make no difference

N - Neverending support

O - Open talks

P - Precious to me

Q - Quiet times too

R - ROFLMAO with you

S - Sharing pieces of our sould

T - Thank you for being you

U - Understanding ways

V - Valuable gift of friendship

W - Wonderful person you are

X - X's, O's and bunches of love

Y - You are so special

Z - Zany times and zest for life